DevOps Tools Encyclopedia

Continuous Integration / Delivery Tools
  • Jenkins: Most Popular opensource solution supported by Cloudbees. Not feature limited and has the most robust and versatile plugin library to almost connect with anything.
  • GoCD: CD focused opensource solution from Thoughtworks. Limited by scalability feature in opensource version as it only supports embedded DB backend. Thoughtworks sells the ability to use full RDBMS backends, as a premium addon.
  • Travis: SaaS platform integrated with Github and follows as a code model using yml files. Ease of use and smart extensible approach is the key to success of the platform.
  • Bamboo: CI/CD tool in the very popular Atlassian tool suite that also sells the most popular bug tracking system JIRA. Preferred by customers of Atlassian product suite.
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline: Azure DevOps Pipeline is a SaaS based CI/CD cum complete integrated DevOps solution. .NET development projects choose this platform as a natural successor of erstwhile VSTS product of Microsoft. However, the solution is extremely flexible and well integrated. Ease of use is the most appreciated feature.
  • AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline: These are SaaS solutions from the larget cloud company AWS in the space of DevOps CI/CD. It is well integrated into the rest of AWS services. And hence customers on AWS can consider this as an integrated solution
  • Clarive: Integrated DevOps Platform that has a CI/CD component at it’s core. Good part about clarive is that it is one of the very few integrated devops solutions that are not only available as SaaS but also for in premise deployments.
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