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  • Continuous Configuration Automation

    When we implement a devops pipeline using a CI/CD tool such as jenkins, we typically integrate it such a way with the source management systems such as git, so that […]

  • Infrastructure as Code

    When an infrastructure environment (compute, storage, network etc.) is completely controlled by code, you can also in the reverse way say that the code defines the infrastructure environment. Because once […]

  • Idempotent Coding

    Idempotency refers to the behavior of a program, which even if we run multiple times, does not change the outcome.   For example: Puppet follows desired state definition. If any […]

  • Desired State Configuration Management

    In this model of instructing the automation robot, instead of specifying steps to perform a job, we provide our desired end state of any element to be managed by the […]

  • Chef 101

    In Chef, individual program files are called Recipes. When you group multiple Recipe programs in an organized folder structure, we call that as Cookbook. A chef code example looks like […]

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